Upcoming Events
Unless otherwise stated, all talks are held at the School Room, Edington, starting at 7:30pm, second Monday of the month.  £2.50 per head when there is an invited speaker, £1 on 'club' nights..


POSTPONED: 8 Oct - TALK - Combwich, Down End & Crandon Bridge – the international question? For this presentation we welcome back Chris Sidaway.

12 Nov - TALK - Some Somerset men who went to war: by Phil Chaplin to mark the centenary of the end of the Great War.

10 Dec - Group Social: bring and share e.g. mince pies and good conversation


14 Jan - TALK - by Phillip Hoyland - Village Benefit/Friendly Societies. The history, organisation and function, importance in the lives of the individual members and in the village of the old village/parish friendly/benefit societies. The period covers from the late 18thC through to today. The annual feast day is looked at in some detail. Will also bring a selection of the brass emblems carried by the members of many of these ‘clubs’.

11 Feb - DVD's from our archive. Including Peat digging, Peter Skellern in Catcott, and more

11 Mar - TALK - TBA

8 Apr AGM + What next for the History of Edington - material gathering for a successor to the "Edington : A Somerset Village" publication