Upcoming Events
Unless otherwise stated, all talks are held at the School Room, Edington, starting at 7:30pm, second Monday of the month.  £2.50 per head when there is an invited speaker, £1 on 'club' nights..


12 Mar - TALK - by retired Polden’s country vet Peter Mackay of Catcott

9 Apr - Group meeting, an exploration of old maps

14 May - TALK - by Dick Osborne. The Glastonbury Canal: a projected image presentation, it contains photographs along the path that the canal took. The presentation will be of interest to people who enjoy railways, in this case the Somerset Central Railway (S&D) and those who would like to know more about the River Brue and the two other forgotten Glastonbury canals.

11 June - Club night. The Romans in Edington: the evidence sourced and presented prior to exploratory work by metal detectorists planned for Sunday afternoon 24 June (weather permitting)

24 June at 2.30pm (weather permitting): Watch Jan Hasnip and sons (metal detectorists) explore a field in Edington. Note: Access has been arranged with the landowner and procedures dictate that only the Hasnips may use their own metal detectors.

8 July at 2 for 2.30pm: A Chris Sidaway guided walk of the historic Poldens with perhaps an opportunity for late afternoon. Further details of route/meeting point to follow.

9 July - Club night. What did we learn from these recent outdoor events? An opportunity to exchange views on the Hasnip field study and Chris Sidaway’s historic walk