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Publications for sale 
The following local interest publications are obtainable from Edington & District History Group. Please leave a message on if you would like a copy. £2.50 should normally be added for p & p.

"The Story of Two Somerset Churches" - Stawell and Sutton Mallet; a short history and guide, including a description of the buildings' history, fabric and interesting artefacts, together with a record of the memorials to local residents in the churchyards and interiors.

£4 plus p&p.

Published August 2018


 “ST. PHILIP & ST. JAMES BURTLE, SOMERSET. THE STORY OF THE CHURCH” - A Short History and Guide, including a description of the building’s history, fabric and interesting artefacts, together with a record of the memorials to local residents in the churchyard and interior. £3.50 plus p & p

 “Edington - A Somerset Village 2000” - A compilation of facts and memories written to celebrate the millennium in the village, covering multiple aspects of local life over the centuries. 128 pages, well illustrated. £13.50 plus p & p.


 “The History of Edington Manor” - Written by former owner by A.R. Reeves in 2000, this is an excellent account of this imposing residence, its life as a typical Victorian country house and eventual life as a private school. 30 pages £3.00 plus p & p.
   “Anne, Lady Bountiful of Somerset” - A fictional children's story by M. Margaret Davis around the Life and Times of Anne Ruscombe Field. Very much based on historical fact and knowledge of a real characters and places, Margaret has woven a 
fascinating story about Edington and Catcott in the 18th & 19th centuries. 100 A4 pages     £5.00 plus p & p.

 “Miss Field and the Schoolroom” - by Agnes Auld and Jessmay Tinney 2006. Edington School. Miss Anne Ruscombe Field was a considerable influence on the life of Edington in the early 19th C, and in particular in establishing education in the Edington School Room. The story is well researched and the booklet sets the scene at a time when general education had not become commonplace. 16 pages, £3.00 plus p & p.



 “Memorials at St George’s Church Edington” - Revised and updated from the original (2011), the booklet gives a full history of Edington Church, rebuilt in 1878 together with transcripts of texts on the Churchyard and interior memorials. The booklet includes a plan of the Churchyard and a surname index. 32 pages, illustrated. £4 plus p & p.

4th edition published February 2018

 “The Story of St Peter’s Church, Catcott” - The latest publication (2014) by the Group, this booklet tells the story of St. Peter's, Catcott and its medieval origins, Also included are the inscriptions on memorials in the Churchyard, plus a plan and surname index. 30 pages, illustrated. £3.50 plus p & p.     

"More walking on the Poldens” - Published by the parish councils of Chilton Polden, Edington & Catcott. 38 pages incl. detached map. £3.50 plus p & p. 
   "The Parish Map of Edington" - Produced by Michael Tinney, Marion Broad and Sue Burne (2002), this decorative but informative wall map gives an interesting view of the village with sketches of principal  features. £5 or £8 for 2. p & p on application.